News Coverage

Coverage of papers and fieldwork

Yosemite Valley incision

Our paper on the timing of incision of Yosemite Valley using High Precision Thermochronometry was covered here. 

Antarctica Fieldwork

Berkeley and UCL provided nice reports on our recent fieldwork in Antarctica.

Eos articles

Our Inyo Mountains paper was covered by Eos. In this paper, we used an analytical solution to the stream power model to infer rates of rock uplift for the Inyo Mountains. Rock uplift rates were estimated in 1D simulating block uplift and 2D as a function of the elastic response to normal faulting.

Our Taiwan article on using rivers to infer rock uplift rates was also highlighted by Eos. In this paper, we used the same analytical solution, but parameterized uplift rate more generally, enabling us to identify rock uplift rates as a function of space and time.

Also in 2014, our Bergell paper was highlighted by Eos. Here, we coupled a finite element code that solves the heat equation and predicts ages (Pecube, Braun et al., 2012) to a landscape evolution model. Therefore, we were able to infer rates of rock uplift from thermochronometric data, as opposed to exhumation rates.

Grand Canyon News

Our paper about Grand Canyon was picked up by several reporters:

Nell Greenfieldboyce - National Public Radio Morning Edition
Alendra Witze - Nature News
Ashley Yeager- ScienceNews magazine
Jonathan Amos - BBC News Science and Environment
Joel Achenbach - Washington Post
Sid Perkins - National Geographic Daily News
Richard Kerr - Science AAAS News
Becky Oskin - Yahoo News
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